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Iran has huge economic problems with youth unemployment at 40 percent.

There also is discontent over huge government spending on the military and the war in Syria.

I can’t claim to know Dershowitz well, but we’ve corresponded off an on since I was a student in his ethics class in 1993. The first paragraph, in which we see him interrupting his own boasting with the realization that since no health-care bill passed he should probably stop saying he worked to convince Republicans to vote for one, is just comedy gold. My best guess is that at some point President Trump was briefed by his staff about the executive order he signed in October that, among other things, instructed his administration to expand the scope of association health plans. He suggests that half of some presumably significant group of people will join such plans, and that in combination with the zeroing out of the individual mandate these plans will somehow drive Democrats to make a deal on health care. Greg selected EPA administrator Scott Pruitt – who’s also the subject of a detailed profile by Kevin Williamson in the most recent issue of National Review.

He’s been a consistent defender of academic freedom, and we worked together on occasion when I was president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). The word salad we find here is what remained of that briefing (or maybe of a conversation with a knowledgeable AHP supporter, like Rand Paul) after it was minced and digested by the president’s mind into a mess of little unconnected proofs of his own acumen and prowess. I have no doubt these claims began as duly grounded and modest statements of fact in some policy discussion. My choice for most overrated political figure was former Trump advisor Steve Bannon, who enacted the so-called Muslim ban without coordinating DHS, TSA, or any other government agency that needs to actually enforce it; the first version got drop-kicked by the courts within two days.

He’s also been a fierce opponent of affirmative action and other racial preferences and could become a leader on the bench for conservatives interested in those issues.

When Constitutional conservatives look back on 2017, the Ho and Willett confirmations should be near the top of the list of our major victories.

In short, his friends and family are begging him for “selective silence.” My really, really close friends say, ‘You’re 100 percent right in your analysis, but can’t you just shut the f—k up and not talk at all,’” he said. A selection of some of our choices in the traditional categories…

Both have great life stories (Willett was born to an unwed teenage mother, survived childhood hardships and was the first in his family to even finish high school. Ho was handpicked by Ted Cruz to be his successor as Texas Solicitor General and is a strong originalist and longtime leader in the Federalist society.At the end of 2009, journalists noted that President Obama had passed a large stimulus bill and the Lily Ledbetter Act, confirmed a liberal Supreme Court justice, and had made significant progress toward a major expansion of the government role in health care and financial regulation.Those things would probably have been true if Hillary Clinton had won the Democratic nomination in 2008, too. * They are: Other Republican nominees would have won; other Republicans would not have announced withdrawal from the Paris climate accords or the Jerusalem embassy, but would have had a better chance of replacing Obamacare.If some other Republican had won in November, how would his record look in comparison to President Trump’s?Those questions are worth asking if we’re trying to figure out how we should feel about Trump’s nomination in light of subsequent events, and I’ve got my own guesses on both of them.* That wasn’t my purpose, though, in writing this article.

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There also is significant and growing opposition to the country’s theocratic system, especially by young people.

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